A Free Treat from McDonalds

It’s always good to reward yourself with food after a long day of work and strenuous activity. Not only that but also choosing a meal in the restaurant is also beneficial but checking and tasting them is more advantageous. Thankfully to these samples, your way in keeping in touch with the food you like is much easier. Furthermore, having free samples of the food you like especially in McDonald’s is a dream come true. Not only that you can get it for free but the process is fast when you have a tablet or iPad. McDonalds is giving away free food items and you will be receiving it once you already Share a Memory by creating and then submitting it. You’ll be given a scratch card that would reveal the code to your food. To get started, first, on your tablet/iPad, click on the “Get freebie” button below then click “Share a memory”. Then after, you have done that, write your story and add your email address. You have a scratch card then you have to enter the code in the McDonalds app to claim your free sample. Just be advised that you need to hurry and claim your freebies soon before they run out and expire within 7 days.